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Is your credit card maxed out and you can’t buy our books?

If so you are not alone.

In the first years Steve and I were in business, we gave away so many books that it nearly sent us broke.

Don’t get me wrong, giving is a wonderful thing and helping people always gives us a good feeling.

This fact inspired us to come up with a system to share that good feeling around.

If you need our introductory special and can’t purchase it yourself, here is our plan to help (Following through on this will also help you learn how to directly and politely ask the right people for what you need. This in itself is a huge step in overcoming narcissism and codependence!)

First think of a person you know who can afford to gift our program to you who is very supportive of you and your family.

When you have chosen the perfect person, send them your own version of the message below.

Hi ———, 

Thank you for being so supportive of our family over the (years/past few months/past few weeks). 

I am sad to let you know that all is not peaceful with us behind the scenes and I have a favor to ask you today. 

There is a program that I would like to work through to help me deal with the problems we are facing. At present, however, I do not have the funds on my credit card I need to purchase it.

Luckily the publishers have a gifting program and I am wondering if you might be in a position to gift this program to me?

If you choose not to do this, I understand and promise I won’t mention it again. 

Thank you if you can help, it is embarrassing for me to ask – but I feel I can trust you to keep this matter between you and I.  The link to the gifting page for the books I need is below. 

Love (your name)

Thank you again – You will find the gift registration page here . . .

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