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Lords of the Dog Eat Dog

Narcissism & Bullying Our Narcissistic/Codependent Society In today's show we discuss some of the less considered aspects of narcissism and bullying. Please follow Our Narcissistic/Codependent Society on the following platforms and help us get a conversation started around this subject:…

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Heal Your Marriage from Home

Why Marriage Counsellors, Psychologists & Psychiatrists Come to us with their Relationship Problems . . . Your marriage problems may not be caused by bad things that happened in your childhood, but by the important relationship skills you missed out…

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Kim Cooper- Author And Narcissist Personalty Expert Advisor

Our Story

After 10 years of married life, most of which Steve and I had spent fighting, I was finally directed to information online which led me to suspect that my husband Steve . . .
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Narcissism Spotting

Classic, Despicable or Comic? 4 Narcissists from G-Rated Movies T oo often these days we hear people confusing the psychopath and the narcissist. While I understand it is tempting to call someone who callously broke your heart the worst name you…

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