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Are you tired of carrying sadness, anger, bitterness, guilt, anxiety or hurt from the past?

While these emotions can weigh so heavily, there are ways to release yourself and step away . . .

It might be hard to hear this – especially if you’ve been carrying these feelings for a long time.

To think that these emotions could easily be cleared or swept away can be challenging in more ways than one:

    • “If that were true, how come I haven’t heard of these ways already?”
    • “I’ve tried to get help in the past and it just hasn’t worked.”
    • “I’m scared to try and be disappointed.”
    • “Would that mean I’ve been carrying all this pain for nothing?”

or even,

  • “Part of me wants to get rid of this burden, but now I don’t even know who I’d be without it.”

I know these hesitations all too well, because years ago I had every one of them! I still remember the day around the new year, when burdened by clinical depression and with no real hope or expectation of me ever getting better; I took a step towards something that might help. I bless that moment, for giving me the life I now love, and for giving my children their light-hearted, playful mother back.

The fact this message has come your way is an opportunity – to push through all the little and large uncertainties it creates, just to see.

Even a tiny sense of future happiness makes it worthwhile to venture down this path just a little, to see and hear for yourself what we mean and test how your feelings could change.

You might release those negative emotions only to find your true self; to feel more light-hearted and free than you have in years!

The inspiration for making this help available to you here came from my remarkable friends Kim and Steve Cooper, who have guided thousands of people worldwide to heal and enrich their lives and relationships.

Kim & Steve had found that so many who sought their help were burdened by heavy emotions from past betrayal, emotional and physical hurt, deep loss, life trauma or continuing anxiety and worry. Emotional burdens that year after year were destroying people’s lives in a way that was painful to watch, especially when effective tools were on hand.

As we had already been working as associates for many years, Kim & Steve could see how the groundbreaking approach I use in my Mind Switch practice could truly help.

Released from emotional baggage, people would find they had the freedom, light-heartedness and newly-focussed vision to follow through on the steps Kim & Steve offer in creating the life they wanted.

With Kim and Steve’s inspired collaboration, we have brought my private practice to life in our powerful video-based “Baggage Dumper” program, which you can work through – or “play through” – in your own home, in your own time, risk free.

I say “play through” because there is a playfulness embedded in all the techniques you will feel right from the start of the program.

Instead of working with our conscious, verbal mind, which can cling with determination to the “logic” of our past pain, the techniques I use bypass all this to find how and where we have coded and stored the hurts inside us and use a different, internal logic to unlock and release them.

If you would like to experience a free demonstration please click the link below and visit the Baggage Dumper Sales page where you will  receive one session (on video) free. In this session you can choose to release the trauma and pain around any emotional baggage you choose.

Imagine how much lighter and brighter things could look if the dark things you are carrying could  clear.  Imagine how this would affect your future and the people around you.

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Dallas Fell

With a background in traditional psychology, management and behavioural science, Dallas has been in private practice since 2008, helping people let go of mental and emotional baggage, to live the life they were meant for.

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      1. Hello, I have read the articles on and off for years. In the present, my husband is adamant that I am narcissistic. He says it’s so clear, that he knows what my next move will be. I filed for divorce in June after a bitter eruption on his part to settle some score of the past. This had been going on for a long time and I would forgive, check in with myself and move on. I couldn’t move past this one…It affected me so deeply, I couldn’t even let him touch my body. My body and emotions toward him went numb. I asked him to get help…things got muddy…and then I filed…My ongoing question as I keep checking my thoughts in is, How do I know if I am narcissistic or not? There is so much online now and symptoms can cover a range of faults. My therapist told me absolutely not. My heart tells me no. Suggestions?

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