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Welcome to our blog which is visited regularly by lots of loving and friendly folk and jam packed full of information and resources. On this post you can share a little of your story and offer support and encouragement to other visitors.

Narcissism & Codependence are patterns of behaviour passed on from generation to generation. This can mean, unfortunately, that if you grew up in a dysfunctional family, these bad habits may seem like normal and healthy behaviour to you and you won’t see the damage they are causing.

Sharing our stories helps us see these patterns for what they are and strengthens our determination to overcome them.

This blog is moderated and to protect all participants from abuse or criticism, and all comments are viewed before approval.

There are a few golden rules to make sure your posts are approved (anywhere on this blog) so please read through these carefully . . .

  • Do not make posts if you are feeling emotional and looking for someone to talk to to help you feel better – An important step in our program is learning to self soothe. This means learning to help yourself feel better when you are upset. If you don’t know how to do this – I suggest you start with our free tutorial today.
  • Likewise, don’t make posts if you are angry or distressed. If you are angry make a short note of what upset you (to consider later) and then forget about it while you take a walk, have a bath or do something that will help you relax and feel better.
  • Do not suggest that other contributors here leave or divorce their partner. Leaving is not the easy answer people pretend it to be and if not managed correctly may escalate the conflict and potential for family violence. We strongly respect this decision to be very personal and up to the individual.
  • Please become familiar with the steps in our program before giving advice to anyone. Put simply, this blog is a place for people already using our program to support and encourage each other, not suggest other theories or modalities.
  • Do not post here if your only intention is to promote other websites, books or products.
  • Do not use sarcasm or insult or criticise other people’s comments (or your posts will NOT be approved).
  • Do not provide your last name, address, email address or any other identifying information about yourself or anyone else.
  • For ease of reading, if your post is long please use paragraph breaks.
  • Steve and I are real people and also deserve courtesy. If you feel the need to criticise either of us or question our methods or approach, please do so by contacting us privately at our personal email addresses (which can easily be found by searching for our names in Google).
  • Don’t take it personally if we don’t get back to you. We respond to as many emails and posts as possible, but this depends purely on our schedule and availability. If you don’t receive an answer – you might try asking again a few days later!

I look forward to hearing your story!

Kim Cooper

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  1. My husband has just told me that he doesn’t want to be married anymore. This happened five days ago. I am heartbroken right now and trying to understand. He says that he will go to counselling but I’m afraid that he will expect all changes in our marriage to be mine and that if I make a mistake he will simply say he wants out again because he has seen the devastating results occurring now. I desperately want my marriage but I also don’t want to have the marriage held hostage so that anything I do can be considered grounds for him divorcing me. We have been married seven years. He does have a tendency to blame me and others for all bad things in his life and looks down on everyone because he always knows best. My aunt is a big help as she understands his narcissist tendencies and know I want to stay in the marriage. She helps me work through things he says and does and supports me. Our first counseling session is four days away and I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know if he really means it about wanting to leave or if he is just using it as a manipulation. He is sleeping in the basement but then treats me like everything is normal during the day but gets angry when I try to get any real answers out of him. I am trying not to push him but I’m not very good at doing this. I felt safe in our marriage (that he wasn’t going to leave and neither am I) now I don’t know anything…

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