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Who’s to Blame?

Since psychology and psychoanalysis came to dominate our collective thinking in the 20th century, it has become standard to assign blame on mothers for problems related to unresolved issues from our childhood
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Be Careful What You Believe

Be Careful What You Believe Navigating a Narcissistic and Codependent World My work over the years has focused on people with a mental disorder known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Not as a psychologist but as a writer, sharing the…

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Don’t Look For a Hero

  From the article: Become the Driver of Your Life - Staying Sane in a Narcissistic and Codependent World If You Have Enjoyed this Podcast Please Support Our Work by Purchasing Our Books!  Bookshop

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Potential New Medical Insight into NPD?

Could the Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder be Caused by Other Medical Problems? Steve's Latest Diagnosis While personality disorders are often linked to PTSD, I am beginning to suspect there could be a more basic underlying cause. Author's note: This…

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Talk to me. Smiling happy lovely couple having a warm conversation while drinking coffee and spending morning together.

Companionship: A Two Way Street

Editorial Note:  Steve has recently been diagnosed with the worst case of sleep apnea the doctors have ever seen. For those who may not know what sleep apnea is, it means that he has been majorly sleep-deprived to the point…

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Big Lies

Author’s Note: I remember struggling for words when—many years ago—I decided, that instead of continuing to get angry about the lies my husband Steve had been telling me, it would be better if I could help him see why being…

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