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woman dealing with verbal abuse over the phone

Verbal Abuse Hurts

Ending the put downs and verbal abuse in my marriage was one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced. If this is a problem you are facing in your marriage, check out the article . . .
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Healthy Narcissism?

Frankly I am tired of people saying ‘a little bit of narcissism is healthy’ when the truth is healthy and unhealthy narcissism are two completely different outlooks on life.
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Find Your Dream Lover

This may shock you (coming from me) but today I am going to help you find your dream lover. They are just waiting to have the perfect life long affair with you - beginning today in real life! But first I want to ask you a question, and share a little story ...
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After the Fight

You and your partner have had a big fight. Nasty things have been said, plans have been spoiled and emotionally both of you are in pain and turmoil. You feel desperate to see your partner again and hear them apologize for all the nasty things they have said and done.
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Freeing his Heart from Hate

The methods good people use to stand up for themselves in this world, is something I believe we should always be ready to improve in ourselves."  I have unfortunately had to work on this in our home again recently with Steve,
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