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Share Your Story . . .

Does your marriage need help? If so you are not alone ... Welcome to our blog which is visited regularly by lots of loving and friendly folk and jam packed full of information and resources. On this post you can share…

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On Ego

If you are the partner of someone with narcissistic tendencies you need to see that there is not just unhealthy ego in your partner, but that this character defect most likely lives in you as well.
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Left Out in The Cold​

Lisa was always suggesting ways to improve their marriage, but at those times Craig felt she was just wanting to blame him that their life wasn’t as perfect as she would like it to be. There was always some book Lisa wanted him to read or group she wanted him to attend . . .
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Man Walking Into Light

Helping a Narcissist Change

In 'the redemption of a narcissist plot line' not all narcissists are the same, but there are a few elements I have come to see as constants. The standard themes in the narcissist's story of redemption are as follows . . .
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