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Groomed for Heart-Ache

Codependency: What it is & What it's Not . . .  Our Narcissistic/Codependent Society What is Codependency? In today’s show we discuss the comments we received on the show Codependency & Conscience. On YouTube: If You Have Enjoyed this Series Please Support…

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What is Narcissism?

Causes of Narcissism: Why it’s Getting Worse & What We Can Do Our Narcissistic/Codependent Society What is narcissism? In today’s show we continue our discussion on how narcissism develops what pressures are making it worse in our society and some…

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Lords of the Dog Eat Dog

Narcissism & Bullying Our Narcissistic/Codependent Society In today's show we discuss some of the less considered aspects of narcissism and bullying. Please follow Our Narcissistic/Codependent Society on the following platforms and help us get a conversation started around this subject:…

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