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As a Health and Safety Practitioner, I feel that my opinion on preventing one of the leading causes of death amongst women in our society, at their own hand or during a row with their husband/partner is absolutely essential. Dysfunctional relationships caused or exacerbated by narcissism are a leading cause of misery in society today, and are linked with emotional immaturity on both sides of the male-female connection.

We owe it to the next generation, now that we have so much more knowledge, to put this wisdom to work. I ended up leaving my narcissistic husband in 1997, putting my children through a great deal of pain, because I didn’t have the benefit of Kim and Stevens materials. With that help, I may have been able to save our marriage. We tried the usual interventions, but the marriage guidance counsellors had no idea what was going on and told me that my only choice was to end the marriage to save my own sanity.

Please allow this brilliant work to be made available to more women, to prevent the misery of divorce for their children, and the cost to the family and society in general.

Whatever we are doing isn’t working at the moment, Kim and Steven’s work is fantastic and life-changing. Even if a marriage still fails, it will fail more gently than what happens currently.

Simone Plaut MSc CMIOSH

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