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Are Narcissism & Codependency Destroying Your Marriage?

Back From the Looking Glass - 13 Steps Towards a Peaceful Home Cover

For 10 years, our work has been available online, offering a private, inexpensive alternative to marriage counseling. This work began with the release of Back From the Looking Glass – 13 Steps to a Peaceful Home (our easy to read reference book), now in its 11th edition.

To Get Started: Please Choose Which Role Sounds More Like You*

Before risking it all in a marriage counselling title match, let’s explore the steps you can take for your marriage to improve . . .

  • As a child: Were you expected to bring recognition to your family?
  • As an adult: Do you feel angry at how much life expects of you?

The Narcissist

Despite the name calling and sheer volume of misinformation on line, narcissism is a very common way of thinking and behaving.

Narcissism is often encouraged by society, including  movies, our friends and TV.

It is not about loving ourselves. Instead, unhealthy narcissism is about loving a fantasy idea of ourselves. A fantasy that won’t allow a person to grow or to be loved for who they really are.

In its most simple description, narcissism is about being self-centered, which is something we obviously need to look at if we want to improve our marriage.

Narcissism is easy to spot in other people but much harder to spot in ourselves.

  • As a child:  Were you expected to keep your parents happy & keep the peace?
  • As an adult:  Do you give your best to your marriage but find your best is never enough?

The Codependent

Codependency describes a person who spends a large part of their life trying to keep other people happy. However, this is not entirely unselfish: they do this hoping to get their emotional needs met in return.

Just like narcissism, this pattern of behaviour is common but can seriously damage a marriage.

A codependent’s thoughts and plans are centered on their partner. 

To create a happy marriage, a person must be centered on their own needs and the needs of the people around them . Unfortunately being other-centered can be just as unhealthy as being self-centered.

When you are ready to end the chaos and build a more secure emotional foundation in your home, simply choose one of the buttons above.

Or First Educate Yourself a Little on the Signs of Narcissism and Codependency in Your Marriage:

Signs Of Narcissism In Your Marriage - Wife Looking Through Husbands Phone

Narcissism In Your Marriage Partner

Do you live with someone who puts you down and insults you? If so we want to help bring peace and security to your home. Read More . . .

Man In Mirror

Selfish Reasons to Look at Your Narcissism

The games narcissistic personality types play can be tiring. Giving up the game allows for new paths. Read More . . .

Narcissism and Sex

Each new admirer becomes ‘the one’ special person whose attention you crave, but like a mirage, in a short time the illusion fades. Read More . . .

Codependency In Your Marriage: Drowning Hand Waving For Help In In Heart

Codependency In Your Marriage Partner

Does your partner always want to talk about your relationship when you would rather be doing something else? Check for signs of codependency in your marriage.  Read More . . .

Signs Of Your Codependence In Marriage: Sad Woman Praying For Help.

Codpendency In Yourself

Signs of Codependency in yourself in your marriage  Read More . . .

Talk To Me. Smiling Happy Lovely Couple Having A Warm Conversation While Drinking Coffee And Spending Morning Together.

Please Talk to Me

A marriage partner not wanting to talk is the most common complaint I hear. Read More . . .

Groomed for Heartache

What Codependence is and what it is not.  Read More . . .

stethoscope on heart

Narcissism & Codependency are learned family roles; they represent opposing views on life that will cause conflict, chaos and disappointment, eventually destroying love & companionship.
Kim Cooper – Author of Back from the Looking Glass

* Please note that in most cases our team have found these labels to be stereotypes that do not represent the real person. Despite the pain and suffering these patterns of behaviour undoubtedly cause; our experience has shown this is learned behaviour and NOT incurable psychiatric conditions. Couples can outgrow narcissism and codependency as our story and work both demonstrate.

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