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Codependency in your marriage: Drowning Hand waving for help in in heartCodependency in Your Marriage

If you are living with a codependent partner you may recognise some of these signs of codependency in your marriage:

  • Does your partner always want to talk about your relationship when you would rather be doing something else?
  • Is your partner always criticising you and claiming you are responsible for their unhappiness?
  • If you don’t care for your partner (in all the ways they want you to), do they say something is wrong with you?
  • Does your partner expect you to do things for them that you find surprising for an adult to need?
  • Does your partner expect things from you that you really don’t know how to give?
  • Does your partner say you are heartless, if you don’t put their needs before your own?
  • Do they complain about you to their friends or kids?
  • Do they expect you to guess what they need and get upset and angry when you don’t?
  • Do they expect you to make them happy but don’t notice that you are not happy yourself?
  • Do they do things for you that you really don’t ask for or want – but then get upset when you don’t give them something in return?
  • Is your partner always sick and expecting you to worry and care about them more than you really do?

“Without meaning to, a codependent partner can suck all of the life out of a relationship by acting like their happiness depends entirely on you.”

You may want to purchase “10 Steps to Overcome Codependence” for your partner and then click on the logo that says The NC Marriage at the top of this page and go back to the start to check if you have a narcissistic view on marriage.

Signs of Codependence in Your Marriage . . .

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  1. Yes I feel this black and white polarised view of relationships where one is codependent the other the narcissist polarising and inaccurate. I believe people can display both behaviours and whole psychologist industries making multimillion dollars profits are created around defining complex human beings into simplistic labels which pathologies anybody potentially. I have found psychology and psychiatry as well as organised religiosity some of the most potentially dangerous and spiritually blind practices of our times. Jesus is Lord though perhaps psychology would try and put that down to delusion on any ones part who confesses it. Watching video with interest. I hope your works are for good and many find hope and progress in them. Blanket statements using always and nevers usually raise red flags for me though.

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