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Talk to me. Smiling happy lovely couple having a warm conversation while drinking coffee and spending morning together.

Companionship: A Two Way Street

Editorial Note:  Steve has recently been diagnosed with the worst case of sleep apnea the doctors have ever seen. For those who may not know what sleep apnea is, it means that he has been majorly sleep-deprived to the point…

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woman dealing with verbal abuse over the phone

Verbal Abuse Hurts

Ending the put downs and verbal abuse in my marriage was one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced. If this is a problem you are facing in your marriage, check out the article . . .
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Healthy Narcissism?

Frankly I am tired of people saying ‘a little bit of narcissism is healthy’ when the truth is healthy and unhealthy narcissism are two completely different outlooks on life.
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