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Pilot Episode of Kim & Steve’s New Podcast Series:

Reassessing the Sexual Contract

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Codependency = A whole Spectrum of Exploitation

Australia is in crisis. Rape culture has been exposed this year at all levels of society. The media has been awash with stories, but where is the conversation taking us? Are the real answers alluding because we can’t see the bigger picture?

Kim suggests in this episode that rape needs to be viewed from a larger context. Sexual exploitation is often just the start. Codependency sets up its victims for exploitation in just about every area of life.

The rape grey zone in our media—with young adults in particular—has raised some serious questions. Was the victim in a fit state to grant consent? This conversation is important but mainly focuses on drugs and alcohol.

But what about the deeper questions consent raises about the sexual contract?

  • Does rape cause mental illness or does mental illness cause people to imagine they have been raped?
  • Is consent the only issue?  What about intent and motive?
  • What if a victim is ‘set up’ and caught off guard?
  • Is it possible for a person to have been raped and not know it?
  • How do women protect themselves in a world where trust has become so difficult?

This pilot episode of our new podcast series opens a conversation that will help answer these and other questions.

Rather than wait for help from the government, school or legal institutions, families must become aware of how they unwittingly raise their children to participate in rape culture. This understanding will at the same time help us heal our troubled homes.

The conversation in this pilot episode kicks off our new series: Reassessing Our Society’s Sexual Contract.

I hope you will join us in our member’s area to view the next 4 episodes. A place online where the conversation on this subject is quickly moving forward.

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Are Narcissism & Codependency Destroying Your Marriage?

Is your marriage full of hurt, hard feelings, anger and disappointment: with little room left for love?

Codependency and Marriage

We often use the term Emotional Dependence rather than codependency because, unlike complicated psychology; it explains the problem more simply.

It’s wonderful to be loved and appreciated. Emotional Dependence and Marriage, however, are a disastrous mix. Needing someone’s love and approval to feel good about yourself and that you need to “fix things” every time your partner feels angry or upset, will soon make married life with you into a chore.

Narcissism and Marriage

Narcissism and marriage are an even worse combination. Because the narcissistic outlook on life is so different, people with narcissistic tendencies won’t appreciate the way their codependent spouse goes about getting his or her emotional needs met. In love with the idea of being loved and adored, if this person sees that their marriage partner is unhappy, the narcissist will seek love and approval outside the marriage and treat other people much better than their spouse.

Narcissism and codependency are patterns of behaviour that cause family dysfunction. They will cause chaos and disappointment in marriage and eventually destroy love.

Many of us learned these patterns of behaviour growing up.

Narcissistic/codependent marriages are more common than you might think.

A narcissistic/codependent marriage does not mean your marriage must end. This website is the portal to help you end the conflict and also help you find support.

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Learn More About the Signs of Narcissism and Signs of Codependency in Your Marriage:

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Narcissism In Your Marriage Partner

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* Please note that most people have a mixture of narcissistic and codependent tendencies. Many men, for instance, will play the narcissistic role at home while acting co-dependently at work. Our aim here is to help you identify the patterns, not diagnose yourself or someone else.

You should also note that in most cases our team have found these labels stereotypes which do not represent the real person. Despite the pain and suffering these mindsets undoubtedly cause; our experience has shown them to be learned behaviour and NOT incurable psychiatric conditions.

Couples can certainly outgrow narcissism and codependence as our story and work both demonstrate.

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