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We have been together for 14 years and have four small children.  Because my husband has a couple of mental diagnoses I slipped into a terrible habit of blaming him more and more for things that were going wrong in our lives… from the big to the small. Of course, I took credit for all the good things because naturally, he couldn’t be responsible for anything good and only someone as great as I could be responsible for the good stuff!  Right?

Well, I discovered that what my husband has said about me for years as far as my narcissistic and selfish traits go are absolutely true.

He would tell me this after seeing his psychiatrists and I would tell him he was crazy. After all, he is the one with the “problems.” What I have discovered is that his biggest problem was ME.  

You have the first resource I have ever found that I identified with and it was your website that first made me even open my mind to the fact that I am the problem. I can never thank you enough!!!!!!!! Please keep us in your prayers.

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