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Dear Steve,

I have been reading Kim’s books for 2 weeks now and what a difference in my life! No more huge fights, my husband has really responded to the changes in me, so much so that as of tomorrow he is going to go on the “Seven Weeks To Sobriety” program as that site you mentioned – healthrecovery was indeed a very helpful site – it turns out I already had that book as well! This is entirely his decision and I feel I owe you and Kim a big THANK YOU! The information in your books has helped me to work on being someone my husband could trust and rely on – I went from despair and hatred to a peaceful pleasant person (of course I will always be working on that) and my husband went from being a miserable, mean, angry person who had major problems with alcohol addiction to someone who now is pleasant to me most of the time, not yelling and swearing at me and seems genuinely happier.

I am no longer trying to make him quit drinking and have accepted things as a fact he may never quit but now I can deal with things with love and kindness. I have seen many counsellors, ministers, women’s outreach etc. (mostly the advice has been to leave my husband) over the last 35 years and no one has ever come close to helping as much as these last 2 weeks of trying to put into practice the advice in Kim’s books! I’m struggling to put into words how this has changed me – I just hope that you can understand how much less stress I feel. I’m sure I will be writing back from time to time to update you guys

Thanks – sincerely

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