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Do you worry you may be a narcissist? Or maybe you have been called a narcissist by someone you love? If so, Kim and I are here to help!

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Narcissism & Marriage

Steve Cooper discusses being called a narcissist
Steve Cooper

After 13 years of helping couples in crisis, Kim and I do not consider narcissism a mental illness but more a destructive stereotyped role that men and (some) women play. Rather than labelling and condemning yourself or someone else as a narcissist, let’s label and condemn the behaviour instead!

  • Did you grow up believing as long as you get what you want, the end always justifies the means?
  • Did you have more expected of you than you felt was realistic for you to achieve?
  • Was lying the only way you felt able to keep people off your back? 
  • Do you hide things from your marriage partner? Such as pornography, romance novels, affairs, crushes, hidden lines of credit (credit cards) or plans for the future?
  • Do you excuse behaviour that upsets your wife or husband, by comparing yourself to people who behave worse than you?
  • You control the money in your household and watch all of your partner’s spending? Leaving your partner limited funds, while you hoard money or hide money transactions and/or lines of credit (credit cards) to buy yourself luxuries, treats or indulgences (or make investments in your name), thinking you deserve more than an equal share – or perhaps unfairly blaming your partner for your current financial situation?

Back when Kim and I were fighting, I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing by my family, but in reality, I was even unhappier than them. It is hard to let your family be happy when you are unhappy yourself. Before I tell you how we saved our marriage, there is something I need to share first.

There was a time I was labelled ‘mentally ill’ because I displayed the symptoms above. Below I am going to share that story with you . . .

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Steve’s Steps to a Better Marriage
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They Said I was a Narcissist!

Years ago when Kim was looking for help with our marriage, she was scared badly by the online expert* on Narcissistic Personality Disorder who described my self centered behaviour to a T.

Kim spoke to other professionals who agreed that I was a narcissist.  Because this disorder was incurable (this has since been changed in the latest DSM due in part to our work), they pronounced ‘no hope’ for our marriage and declared the only smart choice Kim could make was to leave me.

I am lucky I have a smart wife who found better advice

Even though Kim wouldn’t accept I had an incurable mental disorder – the behaviour I was displaying was very real and very hurtful to her.

It took a long time for me to look at myself. I hope you don’t make that same mistake.

A few years down the track when things were much better between us, I made the decision to support Kim in sharing what we did to turn our marriage around by helping her become an author.

Before you risk having the professionals tell your wife to take the kids and leave, I suggest you give the information she has put together some serious consideration . . .

Everyone likes an easy scapegoat—probably in marriage more than anywhere else. Because the tag ‘narcissist’ has become such a powerful ‘demoniser’, it’s no wonder that it gets so much use!

Looking for the ‘lone shooter’ (that killed your romantic happily ever after) is so much easier than looking deeper

The problem is that narcissism doesn’t just dwell in individuals. It is a belief system that is at work in just about every aspect of our lives. At each and every turn we find ourselves surrounded by narcissism in our society. Make sure you protect your family from this dangerous trap!

Signs of Narcissism

Are you a narcissist? Are you married to a narcissist? Do you know the difference between love that hurts and love that heals? We have the information you have been looking for:

Learn the Signs of Narcissism

Celebrity Narcissist Spotting . . .

Don’t fall for the lie that narcissists are psychopaths . . .  Examples of Narcissists in popular culture . . .

Narcissism Spotting

*Sam Vaknin the supposed expert on NPD, claimed he was a narcissist but instead was diagnosed (on TV) as being a psychopath! Please make sure you don’t let people fool you or your spouse into believing that being a narcissist and a psychopath are the same thing!

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