Signs of Narcissism

In the past the word narcissism described someone who was extroverted and had the qualities of a showman. Today, narcissism has come to describe a pattern of selfish and deceptive behaviour (sometimes known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder) particularly in relationships and in marriage.  If you struggle to form stable relationships with others — you may benefit from studying the Signs of Narcissism in yourself and in your marriage.

Signs of Narcissism in Your Marriage . . .

Signs Of Narcissism In Your Marriage - Wife Looking Through Husbands Phone

Are You Married to a Narcissist?

Do you live with someone who puts you down and insults you? If so we want to help bring peace and security to your home . . . In Your Marriage

Narcissism And Affairs: Illustrations Of Broken Relationship, Couple Shadow Was Ignoring Each Other.

Affairs: Physical/Emotional/Fantasy . . .

Affairs can be emotional or physical and may even be fantasy in the case of a person with pornography addiction, romance novel addiction or a crush . . .  Marital Affairs

Narcissism Love And Sex: Sexy Woman In Mirror With Lipstick Heart Drawn On.

The Narcissist in Bed . . .

Engaging in a fantasy sex life when you are married encourages lying and deception. Considering the numerous studies . . .  Love & Sex


Love that Hurts / Love that Heals

Romanticism in music and culture feed a longing within us to be recognised as unique and special in our suffering. Heal the Hurt . . .

Signs of Narcissism in Yourself . . .

Signs Of Your Own Narcissism: Selfish Ticked On Blackboard And Team Crossed Off.

Signs You May be a Narcissist . . .

Once past the “honeymoon stage”, do you find that relationships become a depressing chore? A checklist of signs of narcissism in yourself . . . Checklist

Both Women and Men Can Show Signs of Narcissism

Many people talk about narcissists as if they are exclusively male but this is far from the truth . . . Both Women and Men.

The other misconception is that narcissism is the same thing as being a sociopath or a psychopath. This information was spread by a self confessed online predator who pretended to be a doctor when he was not. My husband Steve and I were some of the first people to speak out against the dangers of scaring people with exaggerated and incorrect information on this subject.

For 8 years Steve and myself have been helping couples rebuild their troubled home lives.

No matter what the diagnosis – we offer solid training in emotional intelligence and leadership training skills that will help you learn to stand up for yourself and regulate your own emotions better.

8 years on and we are still here offering help and hope . . .