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Signs of Narcissism

Signs of Narcissism - young cool looking manIn the past the word narcissism described an extroverted person with the qualities of a showman. Today, (taken from symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder), the signs of narcissism describe a pattern of selfish and deceptive behaviour; where a person evades responsibility and blames their shortcomings on someone else.

These symptoms show up, particularly in marriage and love relationships. With a partner often blaming their spouse for their own faults.

A narcissist may get away with this for years, while in later life finding themselves alone.

Don’t let narcissism ruin your marriage! Read through the material on this website carefully before you considering our resources.

Do you struggle to relax and allow yourself to be loved just for who you are?  You may benefit from studying the signs of narcissism in yourself and in your marriage.

Signs of Narcissism in Your Marriage . . .

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Signs Of Narcissism In Your Marriage - Wife Looking Through Husbands Phone

Are You Married to a Narcissist?

Do you live with someone who puts you down and insults you? If so we want to help bring peace and security to your home . . . In Your Marriage

Narcissism And Affairs: Illustrations Of Broken Relationship, Couple Shadow Was Ignoring Each Other.

Affairs: Physical/Emotional/Fantasy . . .

Affairs can be emotional or physical and in the case of a person with pornography addiction, romance novel addiction or a crush may even be fantasy . . .  Marital Affairs

Narcissism Love And Sex: Sexy Woman In Mirror With Lipstick Heart Drawn On.

The Narcissist in Bed . . .

If you are married, engaging in a fantasy sex life encourages lying and deception. Considering the numerous studies . . .  Love & Sex

Signs of Narcissism in Yourself . . .

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Signs Of Your Own Narcissism: Selfish Ticked On Blackboard And Team Crossed Off.

Signs You May be a Narcissist . . .

Once past the “honeymoon stage”, do you find that relationships become a depressing chore? Read our checklist of signs of narcissism in yourself .

Both Women and Men Can Show Signs of Narcissism

Many people talk about narcissists as if they are exclusively male but this is far from the truth. Certainly both women and men can shows signs of this disorder.

Another misconception is that narcissism is the same thing as being a psychopath. A self-confessed online predator (pretending to be a doctor) first spread this false information. Almost 10 years ago, we were some of the first people to speak out against the dangers of scaring people with exaggerated and incorrect information like this. Even more important is that for all those years we have been helping couples rebuild their troubled home lives.

No matter the diagnosis—we offer solid steps in emotional intelligence and leadership training that will help you learn to stand up for yourself and regulate your emotions better. Steps that thousand of couples have already proven can help bring peace to your home.

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