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Checklist: Signs of Your Own Narcissism . . .

  • Once past the “honeymoon stage”, you find relationships become a depressing chore.
  • You resent your family blaming their sadness, anger or disappointment on you, even when it’s your fault.
  • You have trouble staying interested in the conversation when you’re not the one talking.
  • You have trouble asking your partner for what you need directly.
  • You crave attention and affection from someone who treats you like you are special (superior).
  • You crave sympathy for being misunderstood and how most people don’t see how unique and special (superior) you are.
  • You feel trapped in a bubble where nothing can hurt or touch you, but there is something that makes you feel separate from others.
  • You long for a ‘worthy opponent’ to match or even ‘tame’ you.
  • The thought of admitting your embarrassment at your own mistakes is horrifying.
  • You are sometimes shocked at what the world expects from you and feel angry life isn’t easier.
  • When people question or disobey you it makes you feel angry.
  • You treat your spouse different in private in public.
  • You sometimes wish you knew how to surrender.
Steve Cooper discusses the signs of Narcissism
Steve Cooper

While these symptoms are more common in men, both women and men can show signs of narcissism.

Your narcissistic view on love & marriage will not improve without finding the courage to first really look at these signs of your own narcissism. When you see how trapped and lonely this pattern of thinking is leaving you I hope you will decide to let us help you discover a new way of looking at life.

Kim has two books and one audio we produced together I recommend you look at – Your Blind Spot, Emotional Stupidity and Reconnect.

If you want to enjoy a healthy and deeply fulfilling marriage and sex life, I am sure you will find this worth the effort. Because if you ignore these signs – I know now that you will never find your longing for love fully satisfied.

Left unaddressed, this problem can lead to multiple relationship breakdowns, nervous breakdown, career breakdowns and may even see you on the street or in jail and your family disjointed and in tatters.

Signs of Narcissism in Your Marriage (scroll left to right) . . .

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  1. Kim – Have you ever thought of narcissism as what Dr. Phil calls “their pleasure center being hijacked”? It helps me to view my husband as a victim too, since I am able to look back on his conduct as less cruel when he viewed the children and I as boring and everything else more exciting. He’s been dead for almost 30 years now but it hurts less when I think of it that way. I was always telling him that he kept looking at happiness as being outside the home and wanting to be anywhere but with us.

    I have gained so much insight from following you. Our family has been devastated by a tsunami of pain and dysfunction from having two narcissist parents (myself being half of that union). How I wish I had known you then and had some insight into my part in things.

      1. Mine had 4 children to 5 other women. For some reason I choose him. Him me. Within one week of marriage I was in shock. Pregnant. I divorced him. Remarried him. Had four children in 6 years. He drove me nuts. He is all of this and more. Including 7 women thru our marriage i later found out abt.

  2. Is there a counsellor for this. I have had so much neglect and abuse unknowing i was living with this. My mental health is questionable. I feel inadequate at times. Because of his disease.

    1. We offer extensive help in overcoming your codependence and rebuilding your self esteem. Please subscribe to our free introductory lesson at the bottom of this page.

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