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Codependency Signs

Do you give your best to your marriage, only to find your best is never enough?

signs of codependency - Eye Crying
The word codependency was first used to describe the similarities found between people who lived with and took care of a drug-addicted or alcoholic partner or parent. Signs of codependency then slowly expanded to describe people who could not function on their own.

Today, codependency has come to describe a pattern of emotionally dependent behaviour, particularly in relationships and in marriage.

The truth is, codependents are often highly capable and independent people. They often take care of others while failing to love and emotionally fulfil themselves. Consequently what codependents struggle with is emotional independence.

Although not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, codependency is a serious pattern of learned dysfunctional behaviour. Codependency often results in chronic psychosomatic illness due to the codependent feeling unloved. In this sense, it could even be said that codependency kills.

If you struggle to form stable relationships with others — you may benefit from studying the Signs of Codependency in yourself and in your marriage.

Signs of Codependency in Your Marriage . . .

Codependency In Your Marriage: Drowning Hand Waving For Help In In Heart

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Signs Of Your Codependence In Marriage: Sad Woman Praying For Help.

Signs of Codependence in Yourself

Do you feel you give you best to your family and marriage, but your best is never enough?  Signs of Your Codependency

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