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Why Marriage Matters to Women Children and the World

Kim Cooper

Kim is the author of seven books on the topic of relationships and emotional intelligence.

A prolific multi-media content innovator, Kim has created and shared a library of articles and multi-media educational tools including radio shows,
movies and poetry on 'The NC Marriage', and 'The Love Safety Net'.

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  1. This is beautiful – jealousy and competition are the only way to remain connected stories that do not have an actual union .

    Protection is the inverse of jealousy , as it is the activation of shielding energy , where
    jealousy is the activation of absorptive energy . In a strange way , impregnating the female is a way of protecting the territory of her fertility , and Jealousy is the way of expecting her to protect , or impregnate his life . It all refers to WOMB theory , artistry is life platorm , and creativity is love platform . I am amazed by you both , Steve and Kimberly , my love to you . Jennifer

  2. Listening to this again now – I would like to propose the relationship that we have to the earth being represented by the general relationship that people have to women , including men , women and children – do we see the earth as there to serve us , or are we in an interactive and co-production ( husbandry ) with the earth and her story ? I was struck the other day while watching a video about the creative gardening effect that mankind had on the earth , and then , the destructive effect that we have had – I feel that the phrase Kingdom of Bastards is perfect for not only the human to human behavior you are speaking of , but also the situation we are dealing with in terms of our relationship with our environment .
    Jennifer Arnold

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