Emotional Stupidity - Kim Cooper
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Emotional Stupidity CoverEmotional Stupidity

“Many of the books I have read on the subject of handling your emotions wisely have been very long and academic . . .

So here instead I have attempted to present an entertaining and brief view of how to live your emotional life badly, in the hope this might help you to live it well . . .”

Kim’s latest work simplifies some of the most advanced concepts in human psychology.

Emotional Stupidity by
Kim and Steve Cooper

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A Readers Response . . .

“Just to say congratulations on your astoundingly intuitive new book ‘Emotional Stupidity’. As someone who has done so much work on personal growth and reaped rewards from that, but frequently suffered ‘Emotional Stupidity’ relapses, I am going to read your e-book as many times as it takes to keep myself focused daily on being emotionally smart & healthy. The content and flow of your book is so honest, well developed, professional and enlightening – I cannot thank you enough for sharing your life experiences with us all. I would recommend your e-book to anyone who is wanting to overcome their difficulties and improve their success in life,  Cheers, CD, Australia”.

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    1. If they are married I would start by recommending their partner read Back From the Looking Glass, 10 Steps to Overcome Codependence and you read them too. These are not long books and offer steps you can keep coming back to. I would also suggest you read Hold on To Your Kid’s by Gordon Nuefeld. It does not deal specifically with adult children but will give you the idea of the process. What they describe as peer attachment in that book is very similar to NPD.

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