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I thought that this article might be helpful to some of our readers – Kim Cooper

Remote work is relatively new to most professionals, but now that more people are comfortable in the new working arrangement, they can look for more ways to increase their output and become more financially autonomous. This dramatic change gives women the ability to find new work, learn new skills, and use their current skills to find extra work. Remote work takes away commutes and other restrictions that allow professionals more spare time to focus on becoming more financially independent.

Since remote work is more widely adopted, companies are looking for more remote workers as full-time remote employees or freelancers. Graphic designers, editors, and web designers can all get part or full-time work as remote employees. Remote work is a great way to find new ways to make money.

Find a Better Paying Job

Before remote work, employees were limited to the companies in their immediate area when searching for a job. Most salaries generally correlate to the cost of living; employees in cities earn higher wages but also have higher rents. Now, with the help of remote work, you can work for a company that pays more than those in your immediate area. With remote work, you can find a job at a company with higher salaries without relocating. This is a great option for women who want to pursue their careers without forcing their families to relocate.

Managing Content for Websites

Nearly every company has a blog, social media account, or another way to continually communicate with customers, fans, or the general public. Companies need people to manage their calendars, records, and strategies for their company’s online presence. Mothers, teachers, and organized professionals are great for the role of content creators or managers that businesses rely on to stay relevant.

Companies want content that provides useful information for their customers. Customers build a trusting bond with companies that are providing free information about their subject matter. Even becoming an editor can help you earn a little extra cash.

Leverage the Skills You Already Have

You don’t need to learn a new skill or be the most technically savvy person to earn extra income online. Being knowledgeable in a skill (professional or hobby) can give an entry point to earn some extra income. People are always looking for coaches and advice to help build their careers. You can tutor college students or career changers that are breaking into your industry. People are more than willing to pay to receive help.

You can list your service on your professional website, advertise them through your social media channels, or use a freelancing website to drum up clients. You can also monetize your skills by creating e-books, how-to videos, or online courses for people who could benefit from your knowledge. These efforts can easily provide a passive income that requires little effort after you create the initial material.

Learn New Skills

The power of the Internet is undeniable; Covid-19 has forced almost everything you do online—schooling, entertainment, and staying in contact with friends. Our reliance on the Internet means that companies will need employees to handle their computer science needs. Just like work, learning is moving online. Women across the world are learning the skills to obtain high paying remote jobs by learning tech skills through coding bootcamps.

There are dozens of career paths to pursue a tech career. There is a common misconception that working in technology means sitting in front of a computer and writing code. Tech workers design websites, research user behavior, and analyze data trends. With so many options, it can be difficult to pick. Career Karma is helping career changers determine which career path best fits their current skill set.

You Can Learning Something Fun Too

If you are happy with your career, you can learn a tech skill that can double as a hobby or a side job. Graphic design or Photoshop can be great ways to start a new hobby that can be both fun and earn additional income. You can make images to sell on sites like Etsy or to put on t-shirts at TeePublic. These are great ways to follow a passion and earn some extra money.

Remote Work Opens the Doors of Possibility

Working at home gives women a chance to build new careers or monetize hobbies. Remote work, paired with the ability to quickly and cheaply learn new skills, can turn into new, higher-paying careers.

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