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Codependency = A Spectrum of Exploitation

Groomed for Abuse: a Domestic Angle on Rape Culture

Watch the full pilot episode for this series for free at The Rape Grey Zone

Addressing the rape culture—that has been exposed this year in Australia—must focus on the wider picture if we ever hope for women’s lives to improve. Tackling our narcissistic and codependent culture means addressing equality, respect and fairness in the workplace and at home.


For fifteen years, the Coopers have offered themselves as humble guides and mentors, helping families avoid cynicism and chaos. Leading the way as peer support specialists whose own family has traversed love's dangerous terrain.
Taking you to that place inside yourself that you can't go by yourself. Helping you get back in touch with the power of love within you to restore the sanity in your marriage whether you stay or leave.

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  1. I really liked Steve’s comment about unclear contract. That explains why I attract these abusive types.

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