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The Little Book of Empathy
Love & Friendship

Are treated like a puppy or a bug?

Do you know why some people attract empathy and compassion from the people around them, while others are treated as if they are barely human? I have a gold mine of practical skills to offer that will help you switch on peoples’ empathy towards you and open meaningful and lasting heart connections with the people you want closer in your life.

The Little Book of Empathy Love and Friendship
by Kim Cooper

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Excerpts from this eBook . . .

“There were even times that I felt something must be terribly wrong with me because of the lack of empathy others showed me. At these times I would view others like puppies or kittens, who people loved and felt warmly towards, while I was like some kind of bug, or object that nobody cared about. I often wondered why others had such little empathy for me and the feeling of being different and unlovable caused me considerable pain.”

“I hit a vein of gold in my “mining” for answers to this problem which finally put me on the right track. I call it gold because the knowledge I gained rewarded me tenfold for my efforts, giving me a great marriage, a loving relationship with my kids and a few friends who I now cherish and love.” . . .

“we give what we do because of how people make us feel, not because of how long we have known them or what contracts bind us.”

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