Your Blind Spot - Overcome Your Narcissism
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book coverYour Blind Spot

Overcome Your Narcissism

Kim and Steve’s magazine style book offers steps to overcome your narcissism and unfreeze your life.

Your Blind Spot is sold in hard copy and delivered by mail/or as a PDF download you can print or read onscreen.

Your Blind Spot by
Kim and Steve Cooper

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I once thought Kim was a nightmare and the biggest mistake I ever made – but together we have overcome our Narcissism and Codependence and started to learn and grow again. We are an unbeatable team now and everyday of our life is an adventure.

Steve Cooper

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  1. Please help.. My fiancé has so many signs of Narcissism and I struggle with codependence. We are great then something happens and I am always the blame for the distance, or problems in our relationship. We are a great team when we are happy, yet he constantly questions my existence in his life and seems to point out every little and big fault I have and constantly has to have another woman on the side for emotional or mental support, yet I deal with the daily chore of trying to love him thru what I know is more than me. I am glad I found this website. Where do I start?? I want to spend the rest of my life with this man but my friends and family constantly question my loving myself because I won’t give up on him. He doesn’t see his flaws and will be highly offended if I were to even suggest that he might be narcissistic. He has had 2 failed marriages in the past..I don’t want us to fail. I am a pscyh nurse and am fully aware of my flaws and the baggage I am working on but still bring to the relationship..

    1. Hi Marsh, To get started just subscribe to our email list by clicking the blue button that says ‘instant access’ at the bottom of any page on this website.

      1. I have done that. I have also purchased the introductory books but haven’t been given access to subscribe as a member. Am I missing a step or how do I get access to the member only articles?

  2. I’m trying to join your email list and gain instant access to the private pages but there is no place to enter my information. please help.

  3. Please make your book available on iTunes. Or if it is and I just can’t find it, can you please send me a link.

    I recently lost the love of my life to my selfish actions and ways I treated her. I regret this every day of my life but until I found your video I felt hopeless.

    I can’t contain my watery outbursts listening to your story and seeing so much of myself in this. I have come across so many books that are demonizing people for being narcissists but none willing to help. I can not wait to read this.

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