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Ready for Fresh Start?

Are you tired of carrying sadness, anger, bitterness, guilt, anxiety or hurt from the past? While these emotions can weigh so heavily, there are ways to release yourself and step away . . . It might be hard to hear…

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Let Go of False Pride and Live

Our work helps those seeking change in their lives -- but as long as it is only your mind seeking change, your quest must ultimately fail.  While it's true that people suffering from narcissistic traits are stuck in false pride, it's also true…

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Anger – Bad & Good

No matter how gently you tip-toe around an angry husband or wife, ‘walking on egg shells’ will never stop you ticking them off! One of the hardest things to deal with in an unhappy marriage is when aggression and passive-aggression set…

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Our Sensuous Ego

Far from Mysterious, our 'Sixth Sense' is Closer to Home . . . Similar too eating chocolate, being massaged with warm oil, sipping champagne or otherwise indulging our senses, having our ego stroked is a very sensual experience.

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Groomed for Heart-Ache

Codependency: What it is & What it's Not . . .  Our Narcissistic/Codependent Society What is Codependency? In today’s show we discuss the comments we received on the show Codependency & Conscience. On YouTube: If You Have Enjoyed this Series Please Support…

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What is Narcissism?

Causes of Narcissism: Why it’s Getting Worse & What We Can Do Our Narcissistic/Codependent Society What is narcissism? In today’s show we continue our discussion on how narcissism develops what pressures are making it worse in our society and some…

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